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Fille aux étagères

Reading aloud has always been therapeutic for me. Following in the footsteps of Sadie Delaney Peterson, the social worker who, in the 1930s, used reading to treat war veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder at the Tuskegee Army Hospital in Alabama, as a complement to conventional medicine, I remain convinced that reading aloud is a practice with profoundly positive virtues for oneself and for others.

In the love of the pronunciation of each syllable, of the passage of the letter's spelling that is absorbed by the eye and exhaled through the mouth in the form of a sound, there is an act of infinite tenderness, of infinite caress in the fact of reading aloud.

Whatever the context, my use of reading aloud has always been a way of connecting myself to the other, to the other's life, to the other's being.

When, as a professional coach, I rehearse a speech with corporate executives, it's first and foremost this relationship with the other that's called into question. I always insist on the importance of being in one's body, of being present in this reading, so as never to speak "in front of" an audience, but rather "for" an audience.

As a UNESCO Artist for Peace, I offer to read texts aloud to people suffering from post-traumatic syndromes and war survivors, and I see the healing power of this way to turning the text into an oral interpretation. To dare to speak through a text, to dare to put one's voice onto written script for this suffering population a way to do the “catharsis” of their pain.

Finally, when I record audio books, alone in front of a microphone, in a room with padded walls, as in an asylum of a madhouse... When I'm alone in front of the book and I take a breath before "singing" the text, "dancing" the words, "interpreting" what an author may wanted to say....Magical ritual, I know that with my breath, I'll see a thousand faces, a thousand landscapes, a thousand lives appear....

And I also know that at the end of these pages...I'll turn the back cover, exhausted but happy, because I've been able to experience a little of someone else's world...

Guila Clara Kessous

UNESCO Artist for Peace

"The Strength of Women," by Dr. Denis Mukwege, Ecouter Lire editions

La froce des femmes.jpeg

"Beyond Our Tears," by Tatiana Moukanire Bandalire, Des Femmes editions

"I have been a victim, I have been a witness, I have collected testimonies. I am all these women. Sometimes I can call myself Natasha, Sarah, Lucie, or have many other names..." T. M. B.

Zaire, 1996. A war erupts in the highlands, neighboring Rwanda, in the east of the future Democratic Republic of the Congo. The beginning of a nightmare lasting nearly three decades, haunted by the ghost of colonialism. Multiple interests vie for the mineral wealth underground. The population, helpless, plunges into horror. She endures the atrocities committed by rebels, military, police, looters, men intoxicated with the power conferred by weapons. Instrumentalized as weapons of war, rapes and sexual mutilations ravage bodies and impose the double penalty of silence; because women, rejected by their families or the community, bear the shame and the children of the crime. Tatiana Mukanire Bandalire speaks, in her own name as well as on behalf of all victims.

With a foreword by Dr. Denis Mukwege, Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

"Beyond Our Tears" by Tatiana Mukanire Bandalire, the book was published by Éditions des Femmes-Antoinette Fouque in 2021.

The proceeds from the sale of this audiobook will be donated to the National Movement of Survivors of Sexual Violence in the DRC, of which Tatiana Mukanire Bandalire is a spokesperson.


"Words to Act Against Violence Against Women," by Eve Ensler,
Des Femmes editions, "Golden Voice" of the Grand Prix du Livre Audio

"Speaking about violence against women, because it is a problem that is at the very heart of this world and yet still not talked about, not seen, not given weight or meaning. So that words break through numbness and denial, dissociation and distance, lies." E.E.

This collection brings together texts written by about fifty American writers, under the direction of Eve Ensler and Mollie Doyle, to serve as a basis for organizing events against violence against women and girls. The proceeds from the sale of this speaking book will be donated to City of Joy, the revolutionary center founded by Eve Ensler and Dr. Denis Mukwege, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, where victims of war rape in the Democratic Republic of the Congo find refuge and support.

Guila Clara Kessous is a UNESCO Artist for Peace, and in 2020, she received the Global Gift Women Empowerment Award.

The book "Words to Act Against Violence Against Women" was published in 2009 by Éditions des Femmes-Antoinette Fouque for the French edition and the translation from English (United States) by Samia Touhami.

A Memory, a Monologue, a Rant, and a Prayer, 2007, Villard Books – The Random House Publishing Group


"The Night," by Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Ecouter Lire editions


"Open Heart," by Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Alexandre Stanké editions

Violent chest pains, a reassuring doctor: "Nothing wrong with the heart!" Yet a few days later, the latter falters. Incredulous, recalcitrant, Elie Wiesel is operated on in New York, in extremis. In the operating room, he has every reason to believe that he will sink into definitive silence. This passage from life to death - anything but empty, he discovers - is populated with emotions, faces, memories, self-questioning, and questioning of God.

An assessment of a lifetime and a mission. Returned to life, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, immortal author of Night, tireless ambassador of tolerance, a universal Jew who, at the moment of departure, has only one certainty, his faith, delivers the rare account of this crossing of the invisible wall. This ultimate testimony is read at the request of the author by Guila Clara Kessous, his actress student whom he had already asked to interpret Night

Open Heart.png

"Rashi," by Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Alexandre Stanké editions

first reference. The first aid. Thanks to a spark from him like a smile, everything becomes clear." So speaks Elie Wiesel, who pays poignant tribute, in this brief and unique book, to one of the major figures of Jewish thought: Solomon, son of Isaac, Rabbi of Troyes in the 11th century, better known as Rashi. Born in 1040 and died in 1105, Rashi was one of the greatest commentators of the Talmud. Legend has it that his parents possessed a precious stone, which the Church wanted to buy from them; rather than succumb to temptation, they threw this stone into the sea - and as a reward, heaven gave them a son who, through his spirit, shone even more than this precious stone. But Rashi is not just a legend: he is also the witness of an era when the Jewish community in France enjoyed a certain prestige and renown.

Rashi's rabbinic erudition, under the luminous pen of Elie Wiesel, is a sign of extraordinary openness to all things of the mind. An appetite for seeking, knowing, understanding, which goes far beyond the reading of sacred texts; a joyful knowledge that still speaks to us, beyond the centuries.

Guila Clara Kessous earned her doctorate at Boston University under the direction of Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize laureate. She has received the title of Artist for Peace from UNESCO for her commitment linking art and human rights and has taught the course "Theatre and Human Rights" at Harvard University. For her numerous readings, she has received the title of "Golden Voice" and the National Audiobook Award. She has also interpreted at the request of the author "Open Heart" and "Night" published by Alexandre Stanké audio editions and Gallimard "Ecouter Lire," respectively. Elie Wiesel described her work as an artist and humanitarian as "essential since through this mission, my student will continue to give voice to Humanity."


"30 Acts of Righteousness... Facing Barbarism," in partnership with the Camp des Milles, Alexandre Stanké editions

A Righteous Act is first and foremost, according to the definition given at the Camp des Milles, an act of resistance or reaction against a situation of discrimination, injustice, or persecution. It is a selfless act, individual or collective, which can be apparently insignificant, even passive, violent or heroic, and intended to help others or to fight an unacceptable situation. At the Camp des Milles, it is shown that in all genocides, there have been very diverse people, of all ages, all conditions, all origins who have known how to help, save, resist, each in their own way, often modest, but always effective.

They are examples for all of us, today and tomorrow. To celebrate the 30 years of memorial combat that led to the creation of the Memorial Site of the Camp des Milles, 30 Righteous Acts are proposed for listening in this audiobook, showing the effectiveness of the sum and variety of resistances to the mechanisms leading to the worst, during the greatest genocidal crimes in history, committed against the Armenians, the Jews, the Gypsies, and the Tutsis of Rwanda.


"My Battles," by Simone Veil, Alexandre Stanké editions

"Her exemplary life, her love for her family, her unwavering fidelity to the values of the Republic, her commitment to the cause of women have made Simone Veil a model of what a top political figure should be. When we measure the enormity of the trials she has known and overcome, we understand why there is so much respect, admiration, and affection surrounding Simone Veil, the 'mother of courage' of our generation." - Robert Badinter


"Despite her modesty, her reserve, and in some respects a real shyness, few are those, famous or unknown, who have not found with our mother a solution to their problem, advice, or attentive and comforting listening." - Jean and Pierre-François Veil


Combats for the memory of the Holocaust, for Europe, for the emancipation of women,... this book brings together selected texts from a life of commitments and convictions that Simone Veil wanted to share. Guila Clara Kessous is an actress, director, and teacher. She obtained her doctorate under the direction of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Elie Wiesel to work on using drama as a tool to help survivors better articulate their suffering. Invited by Harvard University to create the course "Theatre and Human Rights," she met Simone Veil in 2009 and worked on the project of "transmitting through orality" her major issues: Holocaust, fight for women's rights, social justice,... Guila Clara Kessous is now an Ambassador for Peace and an Artist for Peace of UNESCO.


"I Am Malala," by Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Audiolib editions, "Peacock Feather" Grand Prix du Livre Audio

The moving story and inspiring journey of a young Pakistani girl who dared to raise her voice against the Taliban at the risk of her life, becoming at 17 the youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate.


When the Taliban seized control of the Swat Valley in Pakistan, a very young girl raised her voice. Refusing the ignorance that fanaticism condemned her to, Malala Yousafzai resolved to fight to continue going to school. Her courage nearly cost her her life. On October 9, 2012, when she was only fifteen years old, she was seriously injured by a Taliban gunman on a school bus. This attack, meant to silence her, only strengthened her conviction in her fight.

Malala Yousafzai is the new global embodiment of peaceful protest. "I Am Malala" is the moving account of a family exiled because of terrorism; of courageous parents who, in a society where boys reign supreme, showed immense love for their daughter and encouraged her to educate herself, to write, to denounce the unbearable, and to demand, for everyone, access to knowledge.


"Barbed Wire in My Memory," by Alain Stanké, A. Stanké editions

One evening in June 1940, when he finds himself facing an improvised firing squad, a six-year-old boy discovers war. He knows that from now on, nothing will be the same. This audiobook tells of poverty, hunger, flight, and atrocities seen through the eyes of a child, then the endless journey on the train that takes him to a camp. This story is written as it was experienced: with guts, by a war child who was robbed of his youth. It is now a classic studied in schools.


"Djaïli Amadou Amal: No to Forced Marriages," by Maria Poblete, Actes Sud editions

Forced into marriage, a young Cameroonian woman manages to escape and decides to testify through writing. Now a celebrated novelist worldwide, Amal Djaïli Amadou fights for the abolition of these barbaric practices and the emancipation of girls.

Mariage force.jpeg

"Beate and Serge Klarsfeld: No to Impunity," by Rachel Hausfater, Actes Sud editions

She was born in Berlin under Nazism, he was born into a Jewish family persecuted by the Nazis. Neither of them accepts that the crimes of the Holocaust go unpunished. They will become the most famous Nazi hunters. To give identity back to the victims, and to ensure that justice is served.


"My Mother Killed Me," by Albert NSengimana, A. Stanké editions

While his mother, a Hutu, orchestrated and accompanied the killing of her own children, some of whom she handed over to Hutu militiamen who carried out the massacres, Albert miraculously escaped death. Through this unimaginable story, Albert found the strength to tell the world: "Never again." His story demonstrates the resilience of the Rwandan people, the challenges that this country must face, and the necessity of forgiveness at a time when the first genocidaires are being released from prison... Faced with personal tragedies of such magnitude and unbearable violence, is the path to resilience conceivable?


"If You Are a Man," by Benny Boret, A. Stanké editions

Orélé - Henri Boret. Age - Eleven, but seems older... Son of foreign Jews. Nationality - French. Headquarters - Signe Street. Specific - excluded.

This "kid on the scooter" lives in such poverty that he is rich! Rich in the love and tenderness that only a pre-war Jewish home could offer. Today, one would say of this child that he lacks everything. In the "Pletzl" (Jewish quarter of the Marais) of occupied Paris, he lacks words above all: words to express his pain and his revolt. Between arrests and raids, through the desperate flight of a family from the north zone to the south zone and even to Switzerland, this child ahead of his age is, despite himself, a witness to the history of a people who, beyond thousands of years of uprooting and exile, change the color of their star and regain their ancestral land. Like his people with its insignificant demographics, this kid is the impossible proof that the weak more than ever has his place in the turmoil of the world: a whole hope!


"Marioupol: On the Roads to Hell," by Charles d’Anjou and Liseron Boudoul, A. Stanké editions

The war diaries of two French observers. After covering the war in Libya, Liseron Boudoul and Charles d'Anjou decided, in February 2022, to go to Ukraine to witness what was happening in pro-Russian Donbass. It was two weeks before the start of this fratricidal war between Ukraine and Russia, which no one around them imagined. As privileged witnesses, the only French on the ground, the two observers remained for several months at the heart of the conflict, interviewing the outraged youth, challenging Chechen fighters, and listening to victims from all sides. From Donetsk to Mariupol, they take us on the ravaged roads of Ukraine, from checkpoint to checkpoint, and from dramas to reunions. Closer to reality, surrounded by snipers and drones, they offer listeners a rare testimony of what is happening three thousand kilometers from Paris, and unique encounters with Ukrainian civilians as well as Russian soldiers. After listening to these war diaries, which masterfully complement all the televised reports, no one will be able to say that they did not know.


"Jesus and Israel," by Jules Isaac, A. Stanké editions

Undertaken, written, completed through the worst trials, "Jesus and Israel" is certainly a book of passion, but also a book of reason, as it is the book of a historian in search of the truth about the relationship between Jesus and the people of Israel. It is also and above all an act of faith, faith in the power of Love that must prevail over all the deadly forces of Contempt and Hatred. In terms of realities, it aims at a correction of Christian teaching regarding Israel. The author invites his readers to the severest examination of conscience. What Christian worthy of the name could refuse it? 75 years ago, in 1948, Jules Isaac published "Jesus and Israel," his seminal book, the one that made Christians aware of the deadly consequences of anti-Judaism transmitted from generation to generation for centuries. After Auschwitz, "the teaching of contempt" was no longer tolerable. For Jules Isaac, it was a major struggle. He carried it out with the association of the Jewish-Christian Friendship of France in 1948 as well, and even to Rome, with Pope Pius XII in 1949, and Pope John XXIII in 1960, thus paving the way towards the Conciliar Declaration Nostra Aetate and a new perspective of the Catholic Church on Judaism and Jews.


"Lean In," by Sheryl Sandberg, Audiolib editions

Working towards more women accessing power, benefiting from the same opportunities as men, daring to assert themselves, and owning their choices: these are the challenges that Sheryl Sandberg proposes in a powerful, energetic, and humorous book, drawing from her personal experience. As the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg is among the hundred most influential people in the world according to Time magazine. She has committed to donating the proceeds from her book to Lean In, a nonprofit foundation encouraging women to achieve their ambitions, as well as to other charitable organizations supporting women.

Capture d’écran 2024-04-19 à 16.50.51.png

"Hygiene and the Assassin," by Amélie Nothomb, Audiolib editions

literary duel between a young journalist and an old misogynistic writer on the eve of his death. Amélie Nothomb's first novel, now a classic of contemporary literature.


Pretextat Tach, Nobel Prize winner in literature, suffering from cancer, has only two months left to live. Journalists from around the world seek interviews with the obese, cynical, misanthropic writer, who has been secluded in his apartment for years: only four will be able to approach him, one of them will confront him in one of the most brilliant literary duels one can read, where the secret hidden in a book is at stake.


"Love Letter Left Unsaid," by Amanda Sthers, A. Stanké editions

Alice, at 48, is a woman hindered, imprisoned by herself, her fears, and her painful memories (modest origins, native of Cambrai, seduced and abandoned, single mother, driven from her home, battered by men who have always forced her or never loved her). A former French teacher, she lives in her dreams and in books with her daughter, who is richly married and has settled her near her in Paris. Everything changes one day when, stopping at a tea room, Alice is revealed to herself by a Japanese masseur of absolute delicacy who reconciles her with her body and suddenly shows her the possibility of happiness.


This man becomes the center of her existence: she learns Japanese, reads Japanese classics to get closer to him. Finally, through imagination, Alice lives her first true love story. For a whole year, she returns for massages without ever expressing her feelings to him, convinced by some signs, some subtle gestures that they are mutual. The day she masters the language enough to finally express what she feels, the man has disappeared... Hence the letter she addresses to him, which may reach him, in which she tells her story and confesses her love. Tender, sensual, this letter is the novel we have in our hands: the story of an awakening. What Alice did not say, she writes beautifully. Ready, finally, to live her life.


"The Mulatto Mistress Solitude," by André Schwarz Bart, Des Femmes editions

"Of African mother - snatched from her village by slave traders - and unknown father - some sailor on the slave ship sailing to Guadeloupe - she is neither black nor white, and even her two eyes are of different shades. As a child, she was nicknamed 'Two-Souls.' And ultimately, it is under the name 'Solitude' that she will live in Guadeloupe, among the white families who bought her, and then among the troops of revolted Blacks she will join with difficulty in their refuges in the forests of La Soufrière.

The story takes place around 1760 to 1802. The abolition of slavery decreed by the Convention lasted only the time of a dream. And Solitude, near the African Maïmouni whom she discovered in the forest and with whom she shares her life, felt 'a black woman's heart beating within herself.' It is she, pregnant and supported by her companions, who leads the final battle. Captured, she is hanged after giving birth to her child."

Source: Le Livre de Poche (Booksellers' Favorite, 2015).

Such was the tragic fate of a legendary woman, a fighter, whose real existence is sometimes disputed but who now has her statue in Guadeloupe, in memory of the fight against slavery. A poignant tale that plunges us into the heart of history


"The Consent," by Vanessa Springora, Audiolib editions

"For so many years, I've been pacing in my cage, my dreams haunted by murder and revenge. Until the day when the solution finally presents itself, there, before my eyes, as obvious: to trap the hunter in his own trap, to imprison him in a book."

Seduced at the age of fourteen by a famous fifty-year-old writer, Vanessa Springora depicts, three decades later, the hold that this man had over her and the lasting impact of this relationship throughout her life as a woman. Beyond her intimate story, she questions in this magnificent account the excesses of an era and the complacency of a literary milieu blinded by talent and fame. Strength of character and the power of literature merge in this unforgettable and necessary narrative, sensitively narrated by Guila Clara Kessous.


"Death Comes to Pemberley," by P.D. James, Audiolib editions

A devoted admirer of Jane Austen and a "queen of crime" in her own right, P.D. James concocts a criminal sequel to "Pride and Prejudice"... Pemberley, the ancestral estate of the Darcy family in Derbyshire, hosts the marital bliss of Elizabeth Darcy. She is the mother of two charming children; her favorite sister, Jane, and her husband, Bingley, live nearby; and her beloved father, Mr. Bennet, visits regularly. But this happiness is suddenly threatened when, on the eve of the autumn ball, a drama forces the Darcys to welcome Elizabeth's younger sister and her husband, who have become undesirable due to their past antics. Moreover, with them come death, suspicion, and the resurgence of lingering resentments.

P.D. James skillfully weaves elements of the detective novel into the enchanting atmosphere of nineteenth-century England, offering readers a captivating story that pays tribute to Jane Austen's classic while adding a touch of mystery and suspense. Narrated by Guila Clara Kessous, this novel transports listeners to a world of secrets, passions, and intrigues, where murder threatens to destroy the harmony of Pemberley.


"The Day Maya Rose Again," by Céline Mas, Frémeaux editions

A dynamic executive in a Parisian consulting firm, with a fulfilled personal and professional life, Maya enjoys happy days. But soon, controlled by a superior too eager to rise, the young woman awakens one morning hindered, her body immobilized to the point of being unable to get up. The verdict falls like a guillotine. Maya suffers from burnout. Thus begins an intimate and arduous journey filled with trials. How will the victim overcome adversity? How will she be able to rebuild herself?


"New Reality: The Manifesto of Universal Responsibility," by the Dalai Lama and Sofia Still-Rever, A. Stanké editions

The collapse of the biosphere on a planetary scale threatens the extinction of terrestrial life. This crisis reveals a New Reality. The Dalai Lama urges everyone to transform themselves through inner peace, altruism, and compassion. The awareness of our interdependencies, a uniquely modern intuition of ancient Buddhist wisdom, is now shared by the Pope, scientists, and philosophers. To survive this millennium, humanity must realize that everything is interconnected, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large. The Manifesto of Universal Responsibility is an unprecedented text highlighting the common destiny of humanity. Written based on exclusive interviews with Sofia Stril Rever, this book of personal and political commitment carries hope for the world.

Dalai lama.webp

"Journal," by Hélène Berr, Audiolib editions

"Surely, in 1942, there were afternoons when the war and the Occupation seemed distant and unreal. Except for a young girl named Hélène Berr, who knew she was in the depths of misery and barbarism; but it was impossible to tell the kind and indifferent passersby. So, she wrote a journal. Did she have the premonition that far into the future, it would be read?" - Patrick Modiano


"The Scourge of God," by Andréa Japp, Audible editions

The plague! God's scourge that kills all men, the pure like the black souls, the gentle like the deceitful, the saints like the traitors. Without distinction of wealth or class.


The plague! When it strikes the kingdom of France in 1347, no one wants to believe it. But when it reaches Paris, it disrupts souls and consciences, revealing the true nature of those it frightens or... those who play with it. The worst instincts awaken. And established orders falter. Even the king's court succumbs to its worst demons. Gabrielle d'Aurillay, recently arrived in the capital, will she be able to save her life and that of her child? Will she understand her husband's personality? Is the mysterious diptych he wins in the game a talisman or an additional curse? And why does it drive so many men of faith mad? Will fortune offer Gabrielle another chance, forced to become the woman she never dreamed of being: the one who decides and takes control... at the risk of her life?


In this successful and intriguing saga, where today's truths are not tomorrow's, everyone's destiny can change in an instant. Loves, betrayals, mysteries, superstitions, suspicious disappearances... as if the plague were not the most terrifying evil in the kingdom of France.


"In the Shadow of the Devil," by Andréa Japp, Audible editions

1348. The plague is raging in Paris, and the epidemic has changed the face of the kingdom. Has it also changed Gabrielle?


Determined to be mistress of her own destiny, nothing can stop this woman, scorned by her husband, a compulsive gambler who squandered their meager funds in the worst gambling dens and darkest brothels. She leaves the capital with her faithful Adeline, carrying with her a mysterious painting that the powerful want to possess at all costs. In a panicked France, anything is possible. Can she duly settle in this strange hotel? What role do the Place de Grève and the "parloir aux bourgeois" play in her destiny? Who are the shady Dominican, the deceitful noblewoman, and the dwarf cutler who follow in her wake? Deception, threats, diseases, secrets... nothing is spared for the Lady of Aurillay.


Gabrielle's curse continues, more dangerous than ever. A medieval thriller where the worst plague is not the plague.


"Conversation with My Hairdresser," by Tal Ben Shahar, Lizzie editions

 Find meaning in our difficulties? Can we avoid being trapped by perfectionism? Why is it so difficult to give our children a good education, to have successful vacations, to make decisions...? By combining the wise reflections of his hairdresser with the latest discoveries in brain science and positive psychology, Tal Ben-Shahar, the professor of happiness, teaches us to simply love life.


"The Happiness of Being a Leader," by Tal Ben Shahar, A. Stanké editions

If you feel like most players in this hyper-connected and increasingly demanding world of work, you've long ceased to find pleasure in what you do. If your professional life suffers, your personal life also pays a heavy price. The good news is that it doesn't necessarily have to be this way! You can revive your passion for life and work, to thrive and succeed as you deserve. This audiobook shows you how to do it. Derived from the leadership development program offered by its authors, it reveals the behaviors, habits, and cognitive workings of the greatest minds and decision-makers of our time - the "power 10 leaders," presents the SHARP model (Sense of mastery, Hygiene of life, Absorption, Healthy relationships, Priority), and teaches positive psychology techniques to: no longer be distracted by weaknesses and doubts, but to optimize strengths; no longer be consumed by stress, but to regain physical health and emotional well-being; no longer wait for a stroke of genius, but to engage with consistency and presence; no longer attempt to exert authority and control, but to maintain healthy relationships with others; no longer work like a machine, but to find meaning and engage in everything you do. Etc.


"The Pursuit of Imperfection," by Tal Ben Shahar, A. Stanké editions

Funny, accessible, reassuring, a small treatise to free oneself from an insidious evil: perfectionism. After the success of "The Pursuit of Happiness", an indispensable audiobook to learn to accept oneself, even imperfect, and finally be oneself. To surpass oneself. Always do better. Be more effective. Every day, we set ourselves impossible goals to achieve. And the higher our performance expectations, the more we are under pressure, seized by doubt, paralyzed by the fear of failure, condemned to permanent frustration.


In his audiobook, Tal Ben-Shahar encourages us to break free from the quest for impossible perfection. He offers us a wealth of simple and intelligent exercises: learning to be "good enough" parents, practicing self-compassion, hunting down "yes, but", giving ourselves "permission to be human", applying the "golden mean rule"... Recipes to fulfill ourselves in complete freedom, an irresistible manual to be well? and above all not perfect!


"The Secrets of Authentic Happiness," by Junet and Séverine Pambout, A. Stanké editions

Authentic happiness is one of the main focuses of positive psychology. This new discipline teaches us that we have a 40% margin of action to make our daily lives more harmonious and happy. In this mini-guide, the authors invite you to discover small rules accompanied by simple, playful, effective, and surprising exercises that will significantly increase your level of happiness and make your life admirable by harmonizing the relationships you have with yourself and with others.


"The Big Book of Positive Psychology," by G.C. Kessous and B. Adler, Audiolib editions

A must-read book to understand everything about positive psychology: from the origins of the method to the different mechanisms of happiness, with clear explanations and precise examples for self-practice! A book that proves it takes little to be happy...

Sans titre.png

"Enhancing Impact," by Sandrine Meyfret, A. Stanké editions

How to positively influence others? How to strengthen your impact and relational ease? How to inspire your collaborators or peers and mobilize them? How to become a manager-leader? Centered around these major questions, this book is intended for anyone pondering about leadership and charisma. Beyond recipes and techniques, the author provides concrete and immediately applicable keys to enhance one's impact with their interlocutors. Each reader will find examples to develop their personal leadership. Packed with numerous scenarios and valuable advice, this book offers a new approach. With the AIDA model, you can: Attract Attention, Spark Interest, and Ignite Desire.


"Stress Management For Dummies," by Allen Elkin and Cyril Cosar, Lizzie editions

An essential book for living better by learning to manage workplace stress effectively. It's estimated that millions of people are affected by stress in their professional environments, whether it's occasional stress or a deeper sense of malaise that can lead to professional burnout.


Stop! It's high time to react... positively. Here's an excellent remedy for all these ailments that we can no longer endure! The authors teach you how to measure your stress levels to understand the source of your anxiety. Then, they explain how to liberate yourself from it with a multitude of tips and tricks.


You'll also find exercises and practical information to help you manage all forms of aggression you experience on a daily basis. You'll learn to handle all situations that come your way with serenity.


"Time Management For Dummies," by Dirk Zeller and Patricia Lentini, Lizzie editions

Need help managing your time? Struggling to organize your schedule between work and home? Feeling like there aren't enough hours in a day? Relax! "Time Management for Dummies" offers practical solutions to help you organize yourself, work better and faster, reduce stress, and eliminate distractions that waste your time. You'll discover how to avoid staying late at the office and spend more time with your family, friends... and yourself! Whether at work or during your leisure time, don't let yourself get overwhelmed. With "Time Management for Dummies," you'll learn how to wisely use each of your precious minutes!


"Rise and Shine," by G.C.Kessous, Lunii editions

It's time to wake up...


What's the weather like today? Heavy rain that ruins a bike ride, clouds that make you grumpy, sunshine that brightens the garden. So many weather conditions that can disrupt a child when they wake up. Anger, fear, joy, surprise, sadness, pride... It's difficult to understand and overcome all these emotions. But rest assured, every child has the inner strength to be positive. No matter what, every day is a beautiful day!


An emotional journey to find the vital energy to take care of one's little body.


Author and UNESCO Artist for Peace Guila Clara Kessous adapts positive psychology methods for children to help them tame their emotional intelligence.


"Bastien and the Blipoux" by Adèle Faber and Elaine Mazlich, du Phare editions

You'll find scenes from everyday life with which every child can identify. With Bastien, children will discover that they can talk and be heard to better manage their emotions. They will also realize that communication helps them thrive. Children can adopt the Blipouxs into their daily lives at home. You could even ask them, in case of a dilemma: what would the Blipouxs do in this situation? We've often been impressed by their answers!


"Bastien and the Blipoux Go to School," by Adèle Faber and Elaine Mazlich, du Phare editions

"Bastien and the Blipouxs Go to School" tells the further adventures of Bastien, still grappling with his emotions. The Blipouxs, these little beings from the Blipouxphere, return to help him. In his new school, children make fun of him and bully Boris, a new arrival as well. Fortunately, the Blipouxs are still full of ideas to guide him! You'll find scenes from school life in which every child can identify. With Bastien, the child will discover that through communication, they can learn to react instead of just enduring, without attacking or hurting. We invite you to listen to this story with your children. It may be an opportunity to discuss a subject that is at the heart of human relationships: how to assert oneself while respecting others.


"The Princess Without a Mouth," by Florence Dutruc-Rosset, Bayard editions

It's the story of a little princess deeply hurt by the king, her father, who believes he has all the rights, even over his daughter's body and heart... It's the story of a brave little princess who encounters kindness and finds the path to reconstruction and freedom... An initiatory tale, in the tradition of "Donkey Skin", where princesses are stronger than the madness of kings.


"Happy Parents, Happy Kids: A Guide to a Happier Family," by Adèle Faber and Elaine Mazlich, du Phare editions

An approach enthusiastically embraced by parents and professionals worldwide.

Creators of parent training groups, ADELE FABER and ELAINE MAZLICH recount how the principles set forth by the renowned psychologist HAIM GINOTT inspired their way of communicating with children. Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish share their own experience as well as that of many other parents. Their testimony is both touching and convincing. The approach they present allows both parents and children to bring out the best in themselves. Discover how the atmosphere in your home can quickly change... when you respond to emotions with: "A scratch can hurt." Instead of: "Stop crying. It's just a scratch." ... when you react to mishaps with: "Spilled milk can be cleaned up with a sponge." Instead of: "Look what you've done again!" ... when you respond to misbehavior with: "We don't write on walls. We write on paper." Instead of: "Bad boy! No more crayons for you!" Also discover countless ways to use words to build self-esteem, inspire confidence, and encourage children to take responsibility.


"How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk," by Adèle Faber and Elaine Mazlich, du Phare editions

Why argue with children when there's another way? Based on recent insights in psychology, this book presents innovative ways to resolve problems encountered in any parent-child relationship. It advocates for a clear, sensitive, and respectful approach that leads to less stress and more gratification for both parents and children. It offers concrete, practical, and above all effective techniques. It works, the results are there! Charming cartoons illustrate how communication skills apply in everyday life. Parents learn how to: deal with the child's negative feelings, frustrations, disappointments, anger, etc.; foster a desire to cooperate; set firm boundaries while maintaining an open atmosphere; avoid resorting to punishment; promote a positive image of the child; resolve family conflicts in a calm atmosphere.


"How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen," by Joanna Faber and Julie King, du Phare editions

For over 35 years, parents have turned to the book "How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk" by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish for its respectful and effective solutions to the endless challenges of child-rearing. Today, in response to growing demand, Joanna, Adele Faber's daughter, collaborates with Julie King to adapt the communication skills from "How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk" for children aged 2 to 7.


Using a lively combination of stories and cartoons, Joanna Faber and Julie King present concrete tools capable of transforming your everyday relationship with young children. Everyday challenges and conflicts are addressed within its pages. This book is an essential first-aid manual for communicating with your little ones.


It promotes their autonomy, cooperation, and harmonious relationships with parents, teachers, siblings, and peers. It also includes a chapter on the particular needs of children who suffer from sensory disorders and autism spectrum disorders.

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